Energizing Health Care Appliances, The Bluetooth Massager Market Grows With the Trend Jan 13, 2022

With the growth of Chinese residents' per capita disposable income, medical and healthcare consumption, as well as the increase in health awareness, modern massage appliances with good health effects are gradually entering the Chinese family. Moreover, the expansion of the domestic sub-healthy population, middle-aged and elderly population, business travel and office population has ushered in a round of rapid growth in the massage and healthcare market.

In the use of traditional massage products, the wired controller is widely used, which is cumbersome and inconvenient to operate. Moreover, in the actual use process, if the massage mode needs to be adjusted, the controller needs to be placed within the visual range. The cord also wastes space in the daily storage of the massager, and there is a potential safety hazard of tripping. The following describes the way to replace the traditional wire control with Bluetooth remote control. The operation of the massager will become very convenient.

1.Remote control, convenient and efficient

RF-star technology's Bluetooth remote control solution uses Bluetooth communication to replace the original wire control form, and directly connects with mobile phones or tablets and other platforms for Bluetooth wireless control. There is no need to design a handheld wired remote control. The design is simple and feasible.

1. Wireless control: Traditional massagers are mostly wired, which brings a lot of inconvenience to operation.

2. Various modes: The supporting APP can remotely control a variety of scene massage methods, and the experience is rich.

3. Promote the development of the industry: Smart massagers have always had a Bluetooth trend, and the addition of Bluetooth can promote the development of the industry.

2. Advantages of RF-star BLE Module RF-BM-BG22A1

1. Low cost: Imported chips, stable supply, aggressive price

2. Compact size: Small size, easy to embed the massager circuit, reduce the volume occupation.

3. APP remote configuration: Quickly adapt to the APP/small program development. The Bluetooth Low Energy module is with master role and slave role coexist, and the user operation is more convenient.

4. Low power consumption: The massager needs low power consumption. The RF-Bm-BG22A1 enables a long service time.

In order to facilitate access to the original system, you can consider using the RF-BM-BG22A1 module to adapt with the original system through the UART interface, so that the hardware and program design will be more simplified.

Features of RF-BM-BG22A1 module:

1. Support master-slave mode and master-slave simultaneous mode.

2. Support one master and multiple slaves (at most 7 slaves at the same time) connection under one module.

3. Support the high-speed transparent transmission under UART serial port, the highest rate is 50 kB/s, and the baud rate is up to 921600 bps.

4. Support AT commands to modify the device name, MAC address, connection interval, transmission power, and broadcast interval.

5. Support the self-defined modification of UUID.

6. Support the settings of self-defined broadcast data and extended broadcast packets.

7. Ultra-low power consumption, the measured average power consumption broadcast can reach 11 μA with the broadcast cycle of 1 second, and the sleep power consumption is 1.02 μA.

8. The RF-BM-BG22A1 module has FCC, CE, SRRC and RoHS certifications.

9. The longest communication distance can reach 100 meters.

Through the Bluetooth massager APP, the real-time running status of the massager can be viewed remotely, and the massage parameters can be set conveniently and quickly, which can achieve the effect of a one-key start of personalized operation. It greatly improves the user experience! Providing preset massage modes for users to choose, it is flexible and convenient for users to quickly select the corresponding massage parameter combination, and enhance the freshness of users.

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