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    Smart Buildings
    Popularization of smart buildings With the continuous progress of social productivity, smart buildings use computer network technology, modern control technology, smart card technology, visualization technology, wireless LAN technology, data satellite communication technology and other new generation information technologies to provide people with a safe, comfortable, efficient, convenient and sustainable functional environment. Intelligent building is the product of the combination of building technology and computer information technology. It is also the need of information society and economic internationalization. Intelligent building is mainly composed of building automation system (BAS), communication automation system (CAS), office automation system (OAS), fire automation system (FAS) and security automation system (SAS). In the popularization of smart buildings, computing, control, sensor, automation, communication, information and other technologies are widely used. RF-star's customized wireless communication solution optimizes the structure, system, service and management of the building according to the needs of users in a digital model, and provides customers with safe, efficient, convenient and energy-saving solutions. Fire automation system Fire automation system is one of the five systems of intelligent building. Based on the automatic fire alarm, the fire automation system uses the detector to detect the smoke, sound and light produced by the fire, and transmits the collected signal to the alarm controller. Through the judgment and transmission of the signal by the controller, the monitoring system sends relevant instructions, and organizes relevant personnel to eliminate the fire in time to reduce the fire loss rate. RF star provides professional wireless communication solutions to escort the system and make timely and accurate prediction when receiving relevant information, which plays an important role in fighting fire time and protecting people's life and property safety. Building automation system In the building automation system, the visualization technology is applied to the smart building. Through the RF-star customized combination of multiple wireless communication solutions, the building automation system can comprehensively monitor the equipment and environment in the entire building. It is equivalent to the existence of the human brain. Through centralized monitoring and remote control of central air-conditioning, water supply and drainage, power supply and distribution, elevators, sanitation and other equipment, it can improve the management level of the building, reduce the failure rate of equipment, reduce maintenance and operating costs, and make smart building more comfortable and perfect. RF-star can supply a full set of wireless communication solutions.

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