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    Smart Home With the continuous warming of the global information age and the continuous improvement of material living standards, people's lifestyle and consumption habits also began to leap quietly. Personalization and intelligence have become new demands, and healthier, safer, more convenient and more comfortable have become the main theme. The rapid development and penetration of the Internet of things have brought changes to home life, here comes the smart home. Smart home is the smallest unit of smart city. It takes the home as the carrier, takes the family affection between family members as the link, and combines the new generation of information technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and big data to realize a low-carbon, healthy, intelligent, comfortable, safe and caring family lifestyle. Smart home improves home life In smart home system, the core equipment is the home wireless gateway, which provides a unified data outlet of IP to communicate with the outside world. It is equipped with intelligent interfaces such as BLE / ZigBee / Wi-Fi to communicate or connect with indoor equipment and facilities, so as to realize the intelligent management of house lighting, control of household equipment and facilities, indoor intelligent security monitoring management, customized scene linkage and other applications. Therefore, at home, you can control the home through remote control, control panel on the wall, home mobile terminal or home intelligent terminal. When not at home, you can easily control everything at home through telephone, mobile phone or Internet. The residents can enjoy all-round services such as multimedia communications, entertainment, security and smart home control so as to make life safer, more comfortable, and more relaxing. RF-star has rich experience to support our partners with BLE, Wi-Fi and ZigBee modules to smart home applications. Smart lighting system is the top priority Smart lighting system is the top priority to realize smart home. It uses various environmental sensors, LED lights and driver chips to collect data, connects with the cloud platform with RF star's wireless communication module (LoRa, Wi-Fi, BLE), completes data transmission and processing, and then carries out monitoring and control functions by smart phone or PC. Thus, human body induction control, light induction control, timing control, scene preset control, etc. can be realized. The end user can also send control instructions to realize human-computer interaction. So as to maximize the lighting efficiency and realize the green energy saving and consumption reduction of buildings.

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