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  • What is Bluetooth Digital Key for A Car?
    What is Bluetooth digital key for a car? It is said that a digital car key can work off an app (typically installed on a smartphone or any other smart device) that drivers connect to their vehicle via Bluetooth. Why are Bluetooth technology used to enable your digital key and access control solutions? What do you benefit from a digital car key? What else cases are there adopting Bluetooth technology beyond automobile? How does Bluetooth technology satisfy these markets? Watch the video, you will get what you want!
  • RF-star Test Board Pinboard for TI Series Module (CC2540 CC2541 CC2640)
    RF-star ble module test board pinboard are designed for developers to make some tests, which is suitable for all RF-star TI series module, including the CC2540 CC2541 CC2640, etc. Equipped with fully automated production facilities and test machines, RF-star can ensure its high product quality and strong supply capacity. If you are looking for user-friendly test board pinboard, please kindly contact us for any inquiry on
  • How Many Working Modes Can Nordic BLE Series Products Support?
    How many working modes can Nordic BLE module series support? Watch this video and you will get to know that Nordic Bluetooth module products are connected to each other by master mode, slave mode and master-slave mode. The Nordic series bluetooth modules were developed based on the nRF52832 series ICs, which have rich functions. The following is the testing of the functions of RF-star RFBMND08. If you have any interest in this solution, kindly send your inquiry to
  • How to Use LowPower Beacon via Beacon Setting APP? RFBAR1 Beacon
    How to use low power Beacon via Beacon Setting APP? This video takes RFBAR1 Beacon for example to teach you finish the setup. With the stable structure and extremely low power consumption, Bluetooth 5.0 Beacon RFBAR1 can play a good role in positioning, logistics tracking, marketing and other fields indoor and outdoor. RFBAR4 Beacon device supports iBeacon, Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM). The widely broadcast-type makes it more flexible for a wide range of applications. Without changing the battery, RF-B-AR1 can reach up to 10-year service life. The replaceable CR2477 battery achieves a longer one.
  • What RFBM2642B1 CC2642R BLE Module Can Do?
    What RF-BM-2642B1 CC2642R BLE module can do? How many working modes does RF-BM-2642B1 module support? By watching the following video, you will get what you want. The working modes supported by RF-BM2642B1 mainly include Master-Slave, Master, Slave, Observer. RF-BM-2642B1 module based on TI CC2642R is a BLE5.1 transceiver module, has the characteristics of long distance and low power consumption to support smart IoT application. RF-BM-2642B1 features small size, robust connection distance, and rigid reliability. It is widely used in smart home, consumer electronics, and other automation applications.
  • How to Use Beacon? RFstar ultra-low Beacon Configuration iBeacon Eddystone via Beacon Setting APP
    RF-B-AR1 is the third-generation ultra-low power BLE Beacon developed by RF-star. The measured power consumption is 40% lower than that of a similar Beacon, and the battery life is greatly improved. RF-star can provide a full-featured mobile phone APP (Beacon Setting APP) to configure various parameters of the Beacon. Let's learn how to get started quickly with RF-star Beacon.
  • RFstar Beacon Products Power Consumption Test (with or without sensors)
    Beacon is a small bluetooth device that repeatedly transmits signals that other devices like your smartphone can see. Today, we gonna show you the average power consumption of two types of BLE Beacon Module from RF-star, the RF-B-AR1 (no sensors) and RF-B-AR4 (with sensors). Check the video and see their performance.

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