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  • Smart City
    Smart City
    Smart city covers all aspects of life A smart city is the integration of "people" and "things", and its ultimate purpose is to serve the citizens. Information technology represented by the Internet of things, cloud computing and mobile Internet and the gradually open urban innovation ecology are the two genes of a smart city. When the future "smart city" is displayed in front of you and me, it is like a ubiquitous intelligent robot. It is not only a giant system controlling the whole city, but also an AI robot serving every citizen of you and me one-to-one. A smart city is a complex and huge system, which covers all aspects of life: smart security, smart streetlight, smart hydropower, smart parks, smart transportation, etc. Therefore, countless businesses providing products and services have participated in the construction of smart city. As a pioneer in the field of wireless communication, RF-star integrates industry resources in various subsystem projects of smart city, follows cutting-edge products and technologies, and brings creativity and optimal solutions to customers. Smart streetlight In the smart streetlight project, the information sensing and transmission network is composed of sensing technology, wireless communication technology and 5g network technology to realize the interaction of big data with the cloud background, so as to realize the remote centralized control of streetlight. Smart streetlight has the functions of automatically adjusting brightness according to traffic flow, remote lighting control, active fault alarm, lamp cable anti-theft, remote meter reading, etc., which can greatly save power resources, improve public lighting management level and save maintenance cost. RF-star LoRa and Wi-Fi wireless solutions can be used in streetlight and achieve the data transmission. Intelligent charging pile Intelligent charging pile is a very important application of intelligent transportation and a key link to the full realization of smart city. Intelligent charging pile can provide charging services for new energy vehicles, electric automatic vehicles, etc. After the mobile phone is paired with the embedded Bluetooth of the charging pile, the vehicle can be charged with the help of application software. The mobile phone communicates with the charging pile through Bluetooth, which can complete the control of the whole charging process and real-time monitoring of the charging process. RF-star’s BLE solutions are widely used by the intelligent charging pile manufacturers, the automobile manufacturers and the operators. And the solutions are highly praised by our partners.
  • Fence Rampant Shared Bikes with Bluetooth
    Fence Rampant Shared Bikes with Bluetooth
    The emergence of the bike-sharing model in 2017 instantly disrupted traditional commuting of urban people in China. However, while it brings convenience to our life, it also incurs some disadvantages. Random stop and go not only brings much inconvenience to other residents, but also incurs great trouble to city managers and shared bicycle operators. To further improve the order of shared bicycle parking, city managers were prompted to regulate parking behavior. Advent of Bluetooth electronic fence simply address the issue. With its features of broadcasting, transmission and positioning, the Bluetooth electronic fence technology can demarcate boundaries for parking and count bikes in those specified areas. What is a Bluetooth Electronic Fence Bluetooth electronic fence refers to a virtual geographic demarcation system that enables operators or city managers to lay out and regulate certain areas for shared bicycles to park. The solution is realized by placing Bluetooth beacon devices in those specified areas. Cyclists riding shared bikes can locate the specified parking spaces with help of their mobile devices. The beacon devices can detect shared bikes within a specified radius. If the bike were parked outside the virtually fenced area or were ridden out of it, the system will send notifications, so that the manager can understand the dynamics of the relevant bikes in time, and take corresponding measures to deal with it. Public electronic fences realize data interaction with Bluetooth, its positioning accuracy reaches sub-meter level making it capable of accurately addressing cases of each bike in the herd. They can also accommodate shared-bikes of different operators. Featuring bike wireless identifying, fine line geo-demarcation and ultra-long autonomy, Bluetooth electronic fences for shared bikes can provide reliable service of bike access sensing and parking management with little deployment effort. Comparing electronic fence technologies There are three major implementation technologies for electronic fences: Electronic fences based on Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Use the Bluetooth read-write device embedded in the bicycle lock to detect the signals of the Bluetooth tag installed in the parking sites. Use the user's mobile phone Bluetooth to read the Bluetooth electronic tag of the parking site and the shared bike. The first and second technologies rely on satellite positioning technology and the Bluetooth device in the bike lock respectively, which are relatively invisible. The third technology is more convenient for installation, and is suitable for mass deployment. At the same time, the Bluetooth electronic fence of latter technology can also count the number of bikes parked within the fence, and facilitate sharing data between the urban management authority and sharing bicycle operators. Thus overall load balancing and scheduling can be achieved. For now, such electronic fence is available for all sharing bicycles featuring Bluetoot...

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