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    Intelligent Logistics
    Characteristics of Intelligent Logistics The logistics industry is one of the industries where the Internet of Things has been implemented very early. The advanced modern logistics system has the advanced technical features such as informatization, digitization, networking, integration, intelligence, flexibility, agility, visualization, and automation. Through the intelligent software and hardware, IoT, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other new-generation information technologies, intelligent logistics has realized the integrated intelligence of the logistics industry, improved the ability of intelligent analysis and decision-making and automated operation execution of the logistics system, enhanced the efficiency of logistics operation, and reduced the social costs. Logistics solution based on the IoT In the intelligent logistics technology process based on the IoT, the intelligent terminal uses RFID, infrared induction, laser scanning and other sensing technologies to obtain various attribute information of goods, and then transmits it to the intelligent data center through RF star wireless communication technology for centralized statistics, analysis, management, sharing and utilization of the data, so as to provide decision support for logistics management and even the overall business operation. RF-star provides a large number of technical modules, which can be flexibly designed according to different customization needs to optimize your logistics solution. Intelligent warehouse management The intelligent logistics includes intelligent warehouse management, intelligent courier, intelligent supply chain and intelligent transportation. In the intelligent warehousing solution, it can automatically collect the data of various operations such as warehouse arrival inspection, warehousing, outgoing, allocation, shifting and inventory counting. It realizes the interaction of data through various wireless communication technologies, handheld terminals and vehicle terminals, then uploads the collected data to the background system in a real time, which ensures the speed and accuracy of data input in all operation links of warehouse management, as well as that the enterprises timely and accurately grasps the real data of inventory, and reasonably maintain and control the inventory. RF-star can supply a various of wireless solutions. Using Bluetooth beacon, combined with Bluetooth gateway, cloud background and APP, etc. to realize the warehouse location management function. It can timely grasp the current location of all inventory materials and manage important assets, which are conducive to improve the work efficiency of warehouse management. RF-star Beacon has the lowest power consumption which enables smart logistics a better asset management solution with lower costs.

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