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    Consumer electronics The consumer electronics industry is a typical technology-driven industry. While every technological innovation reshapes the industry format, it also brings emerging industry demands. The advancement of technology promotes the continuous development of consumer electronics towards intelligence and integration. The deep integration of consumer electronics products and the Internet of Things will become an important direction for the development of the industry, and all-round intelligent products will become the mainstream in the future. In the consumer electronics industry, RF-star provides wireless communication technology solutions to all consumer electronics terminal customers, enabling smart terminal products to have functions such as networking, remote control, and APP management. The development of the industry has realized the combination of hardware equipment and artificial intelligence, making smart terminal products continue to shrink in hardware size while integrating more functions, such as information processing, data connection, perception, and interactive services. RF-star insists on providing customers with the latest and most stable solutions, keeping up with the pace of industry development. Remote-control (RC) toys With the development of Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0, the field of remote-control (RC) toys also ushered in iterations. BLE5.0 brings a longer communication range, can reliably extend the control distance, let toy cars have a longer and more interesting track, and also realize real-time sensor data return, such as traction and engine speed, The controller can be warned of unfavorable conditions. In addition, BLE5.0 also allows the drone's environmental monitoring function to achieve a safer and more predictable flight, because Bluetooth technology allows the drone to broadcast like a beacon, bringing collision detection and avoidance to the drone. Possibility. Any RC toy that uses embedded Bluetooth technology, as long as it conforms to the Bluetooth standard, can be controlled by a Bluetooth smart mobile terminal or controller. The operation is flexible, convenient and safe, which greatly improves the experience of RC users. RF-star BLE modules have been embedded in many RC solutions. RF-star uses the latest technology to support the users to have a better experience. Bluetooth tablet Bluetooth low energy technology is widely used in computer peripherals and other operating devices. In addition to commonly used wireless keyboards, mice, etc., the Bluetooth tablet also opens a digital mode for learning and office. The handwriting board combines traditional paper writing with advanced electromagnetic pressure-sensitive technology, and incorporates the transmission and networking solutions of Bluetooth 5.0. The paper content of handwritten notes, sketches or annotations written in classrooms or meetings is quickly and accurately synchronized and transmitted to mobile phones, tablets, PCs and other termi...

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