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  • How to Use Bluetooth Key Fob for Passive Entry and Passive Start (PEPS)
    Discover the cutting-edge technology behind the car bluetooth key fobs and the innovative PEPS features! Join us for an exclusive look at the RF-BM-2340B1 Bluetooth Module by RF-star, showcasing the seamless integration of the CC2340R5 chip in real-world scenarios. Don't miss out on this tech revelation! For more on our CC2340R5 BLE modules, please click here to watch the relevant video. Any question? Contact us via
  • RF-star CC2340 UART Modules Show How BLE Technology Works in TPMS
    Do you know the Tire Pressure Monitoring System? What wireless technology is used in TPMS and how does it work? Take it easy. RF-star can help you to learn the TPMS and then explore the application and advantages of using the newest CC2340 UART module in Bluetooth Low Energy TPMS solution. The BLE modules show how it works in the system. Watch the video now. For more on our CC2340 BLE modules, please click here to watch the relevant video. Any question? Contact us via
  • RFstar's ZigBee CC2652P Module Solution for Natural Gas Alarm
    Let RF-star’s ZigBee CC2652P module solution help you away from the gas leakage risk. RF-BM2652P2 is a module designed by Rf-star based on TI CC2652P, which supports multiple protocols, including BLE, ZigBee and Thread.
  • RFstar CC2652P Multi-protocol 2.4 GHz rf ZigBee Module BLE5.1 802.15.4 TI CC2652P for Smart Home
    RF-star CC2652P Multi-protocol module integrates a 48 MHz crystal, a 32.768 kHz crystal, 352 kB Flash, 256 kB ROM, an LC filter, and an RF output option of a high-performance PCB onboard antenna, an IPEX connector and a half-hole interface. The multiple output way and the maximum TX power of 20 dBm enable the module to work with the best-in-class transmission range and low power. And the Dynamic Multiprotocol Manager (DMM) driver also enables concurrent multiprotocol operation, coexistence and provisioning options, and achieves the creation of complex IoT systems using one IC. CC2652p Zigbee module will be widely applied for smart home, such ad ZigBee lighting system and gateway.
  • Smart Bluetooth Solar Inverter! Stop Operating Inverters with Manual On-site!
    Have you ever encountered the problem of going outside to turn off or turn on the solar inverter after you fall to sleep? Is it a hazard, right? Check this video and you can find a Bluetooth solution for solar inverter, which enables you to control the solar inverter with your smartphone. That is a smart remote-control wireless inverter with Bluetooth technology.
  • Using RFstar Beacons to Promote Infos to Your Customers
    Beacon application is everywhere now. How to promote the information you want your customers to know with the beacon and beacon App? This demo will show you: How easy to push marketing info via RF-star beacon RF-B-ARx series product. The applications of beacon: Shopping mall, Museum, etc. How to use RF-star Beacon demo to promote. If you want to learn about eddystone, iBeacon, Bluetooth Beacon and how to set it, please visit

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