• Intelligent vehicle
    Intelligent vehicle
    Intelligent vehicle "Intelligent vehicle" refers to the addition of advanced sensors, controllers, actuators and other devices in the car, through the on-board sensor system and information terminal to realize the intelligent information exchange with people, cars, roads, etc.. The intelligent vehicle integrates environmental perception, planning and decision-making, multi-level assisted driving and other functions. It focuses on the use of computers, modern sensing, information fusion, communications, artificial intelligence and automatic control technologies, and is mainly dedicated to improving the safety and comfort of automobiles, as well as providing excellent human-vehicle interactive interfaces. The extensive application of the Internet of Things and computer technology provides a broad prospect for the intelligentization of automobiles. RF star has been deeply engaged in the field of wireless communication for many years and has reached long-term and stable cooperation with many well-known domestic and foreign automobile companies and vehicle equipment manufacturers. In the layout of smart vehicles, various sensors on vehicle equipment are equipped with our BLE/Wi-Fi modules, and software solutions + APP customization and other services, so as to integrate our customers' products with cutting-edge technologies and go further on the road of smart vehicle development. T-BOX smart terminal In the on-board T-BOX (Telematics BOX) smart terminal solution, T-Box can establish a transmission channel through Bluetooth and mobile phone APP to realize the control of opening, locking, starting the vehicle, turning on the air conditioner, and adjusting the seat, etc. It also can be used as the key equipment to realize the inter-working between the vehicle and the cloud platform, by sending the collected vehicle data (such as the driving motor data, vehicle data, battery data status, etc.) to the cloud platform.  And the control instructions sent by the cloud platform can also be forwarded to the vehicle as well. RF-star can support you to get the one-stop solution for help you move forward in the application. OBD system After the on-board automatic diagnosis system (OBD) added the Bluetooth transmission, the era of using mobile phones for vehicle diagnosis was opened. OBD realizes automobile fault detection and real-time monitoring of dynamic data, and then sends the diagnostic data to the monitoring system software on the mobile phone via Bluetooth. OBD system can carry out a full range of inspections and professional fault detection on the car to ensure the state of driving and eliminate potential safety hazards. At the same time, in case of abnormalities such as vehicle speed, water temperature, voltage, etc. during driving, the system instantly sends reminders to make travel more at ease. RF-star hardware and software engineering team can support to finish the whole OBD solution. Make your current solution more functional.

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