RFstar BG22A1 Bluetooth Module Empowers BMS Industry May 06, 2022

The rapid development of new energy vehicles arena bolsters exponential growth of the power battery industry, which further boosts the development of BMS technology. Power battery makers such as Sunwoda, BYD, Evebattery, and Neusoft Reach are increasingly prone to adding Bluetooth modules inside the BMS to achieve wireless BMS application. Replacing the traditional cabled packaging method,a BLE solution can dramatically reduce the size of the BMS system, and making it more secure, more reliable, and more affordable.

Challenges for BMS systems

The traditional BMS technology are facing quite a few challenges. Challenge 1: the traditional BMS adopts a space consuming wired architecture, it is not only costly in maintenance, but also difficult in meeting the demand for continuous real-time battery monitoring.

Challenge 2: the traditional transmission method of the BMS is relatively high power consuming and weak in scalability.

Challenge 3:the cost of the traditional BMS system is very high. The wire harness (often copper wire) and plug-in connectors will add extra weight and cost to the solution. And as it also requires manual assembly, it results in a high labor cost.


Facing the above challenges, mainstream manufacturers start to apply Bluetooth modules to BMS systems and develop wireless BMS technology. Bluetooth technology makes the BMS package much more compacted, less power consuming. And since it significantly reduces application of wires and saves the labor of wire assembly, it dramatically reduces the cost of the whole solution. By ensuring successfulinnovation of BMS makers with its excellent performance, RFstar’s RF-BM-BG22A1 Bluetooth module has gained high recognition in the automotive field. Followings are the unique advantages of the product:

RF-BM-BG22A1 Bluetooth module

More intelligent and more flexible

The BMS system requires no cable connection after adding the RFstar’s RF-BM-BG22A1 Bluetooth module. With embedded BLE modules, it can use wireless communication to track the status and performance of every single battery, transmit such data as voltage, current, etc. of the battery pack to the PDA in real-time. With support of such data and some precautious signals, the charging and discharging processes of the battery can be well managed. Moreover, it also reduces the complexity of the whole system, saving spaces and improving reliability of the BMS.

More affordable

With Bluetooth modules embedded, the BMS solution shakes away from the hassle of  cables and tedious harnesses labor, saving significant assembly cost, and making it more align to the the current trend of lightweight design in the automotive industry.

Based on Silicon Labs chip, RFstar’s RF-BM-BG22A1 is a low-energy Bluetooth module that supports Bluetooth 5.2. It has excellent low power consumption performance and strong anti-interference ability. The product has passed many authoritative certifications, such as Reach certification, GTS certification, TCB certification, etc.

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