RFstar's Bluetooth Module Empowers EV Charging Piles Industry May 13, 2022

Sales of electric vehicles have been witnessing dramatic growth in recent years as their prices keep dropping while range keep rising. The trend further boosted the demand for EV charging piles.

Unfortunately, in such a mega trend, some drawbacks of traditional charging piles were brought to attention. Just to name a few: 1) many installed charging piles are from well being utilized; 2)some of them are vulnerable to environmental interference; 3) and some impose risk to undermine safety use. Some vendors consider to have Bluetooth embedded to shake away the hassles mentioned above.  RFstar’s RSBRS02ABR BLE module is such a product for this application with solid track record in this arena. This model enabled quite many OEMs in China and abroad to streamline design and assembly operations.

Challenges for Charging Pile System

Traditional charging piles are facing a few challenges in technology.

Challenge 1:

The layout and deployment of charging piles failed to cover the need of EVs geographically, causing a phenomenon that EVs in high traffic area cannot access charging piles and in areas with very low traffic many charging piles remain idle.

Challenge 2:

Public EV charging spaces prone to be occupied by fossil fuel cars. And they also suffer high ratio of defect and even cease to work.

Challenge 3:

Some traditional speed charging piles are vulnerable to hazard conditions. The internal communication of their battery system are not immune to problems, that could cause overcharging and overheating issues, making  the electric vehicle under charging to inflame.


Facing the above challenges, mainstream manufacturers started to apply Bluetooth technology in charging pile solutions. For such specific application, RFstar’s RSBRS02ABR Bluetooth module has unique advantages as follows:

Utilization rate dramatically improved

By introducing RFstar’s BLE module RSBRS02ABR into charging pile solution , OEMs can significantly reduce the wiring work while achieving higher flexibility, incurring less installation cost, and effectively meet the demand for flexible distribution of charging stations.Furthermore, adding the Bluetooth module shake off the hassle of cable networking in charging pile installation. It can transmit data from the charging pile to your mobile through Bluetooth. After the mobile phone is connected to the Internet, the data can be uploaded to the cloud. In this way, it achieves excellent convenience to locate the charging pile, and complete transaction.

Higher security

With Bluetooth modules embedded, the charging pile can use wireless communication to track and transmit such data as charging time, voltage and current, etc. to the terminal devices. With the support of such data, we can automatically manage the charging status and monitor the charging process in real-time. Moreover, it would send alert or alarm once any faults were detected,thus to avoid damage to the equipment, and prevent potential hazards, thereby reducing maintenance costs and losses.

Bluetooth module RSBRS02ABR

Product features

The Bluetooth module RSBRS02ABR is built upon RFstar’s proprietary chipset RS02A1-B. With a PCB antenna and in half-hole design, it can be widely applied in short range wireless communication scenarios. The products brought advantages such as the extra-low power consumption, compacted size, long transmission distance and strong anti-interference capability, and a wide working temperature range of -40℃-85℃. It is poised to offer excellent performance even in extreme environments.

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