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RF-star Releases 2.4 GHz Multi-protocol Module Based on CC2651R3 SoC -- RF-BM-2651B1 Dec 30, 2022

RF-BM-2651B1 CC2651R3 Module

Texas Instruments (TI) licensed solution provider RF-star Technology recently released the 2.4GHz multi-protocol module RF-BM-2651B1.This module is developed based on Texas Instruments' SoC CC2651R3 and supports Thread, Zigbee 3.0, Bluetooth®5.2 Low Energy, IEEE 802.15.4g, TI 15.4-Stack (2.4 GHz) and proprietary protocols.CC2651R3 contains 48 MHz ARM® Cortex®-M4F main processor, 40 KB RAM, 352 KB Flash, suitable for Zigbee, Thread networking and Bluetooth low energy applications,It is optimized for low-power wireless communication and advanced sensing scenarios, and can be widely used in power grid infrastructure, building automation, retail automation, personal electronics and medical applications.

In addition to the high-performance ARM Cortex M4 processor in charge of application logic, the main chip of the module also integrates an ARM Cortex-M0 processor dedicated to radio frequency management, supporting multiple physical layers and radio frequency standards.The module has 352 KB of programmable flash memory, 32 KB of ultra-low leakage SRAM and 8 KB of cache SRAM, on-board industrial-grade 48MHz crystal oscillator and 32.768kHz low-power clock crystal oscillator, meeting the needs of various solutions.

Compared with TI CC2652 series multi-protocol modules, the Flash 352 KB of CC2651 series modules remains unchanged.

The RAM is reduced from 88 KB to 40 KB, the sensor controller is removed, and the RF direction finding (Direction Finding) function is not supported. In terms of multi-protocol, it still supports Thread, Zigbee, BLE 5.2, IEEE 802.15.4g, TI 15.4- Stack (2.4 GHz) and proprietary protocol systems are suitable for customers who are more cost-sensitive.

RF-BM-2651B1 CC2651R3 Module Features

1. Dual-core processor:

RF-BM-2651B1 CC2651R3 Module has dual-core processor

2. Support for multiple protocols: Compatible with multiple physical layers and communication protocols, expanding more application scenarios.

RF-BM-2651B1 CC2651R3 Module supports for multiple protocols

3. Support OAD, easy system upgrade

RF-BM-2651B1 CC2651R3 Module support OAD

4. Zigbee 3.0 Mesh self-organizing network, automatic optimization, network self-healing

RF-BM-2651B1 CC2651R3 Module support Zigbee3.0 mesh

self-organizing network

5. DMM Dynamic Multiprotocol

RF-BM-2651B1 module support DMM Dynamic Multiprotocol

Typical Solution

Smart home

For smart home applications based on Zigbee technology, the Zigbee module can be embedded in each sensor device of the smart home environment monitoring system to realize short-distance wireless networking and data transmission.Through the user's PC or mobile phone, gateway, light sensor, temperature and humidity sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, formaldehyde sensor, dust sensor and other equipment to form a complete system, realize smart access control, smart home appliances, smart security, smart watering, etc., can provide a complete and real-time Testing reports and governance will bring people a healthier and happier life.

Photovoltaic array monitoring system

The photovoltaic array monitoring system based on Zigbee technology, using Zigbee transmission equipment networking, and using wireless sensor networks to monitor photovoltaic arrays has incomparable advantages.The wireless sensor network transmits data to the control center, and wireless data transmission through the Zigbee ad hoc network, saving manpower and maintenance costs.The self-organizing network has strong automatic repair ability and high scalability.

Application Scenario

Applications of RF-BM-2651B1 module

The RF-BM-2651B1 module can also be widely used in many occasions, such as:

1. 2400MHz to 2480 MHz ISM and SRD systems

► Receive bandwidth down to 4 kHz

2. Home and building automation:

► Building security systems: motion detectors, electronic door locks, door and window sensors, gateways

► HVAC: thermostats, wireless environmental sensors, HVAC system controllers

► Fire safety systems: smoke detectors, fire control panels

►Video Surveillance: IP Camera

► Garage door openers

► Elevator and escalator controls

3. Smart grid and automatic meter reading:

► Water, gas and electricity meters

► Heat distribution table

► Gateway

4. Wireless sensor network:

► Remote sensor applications

5. Communication equipment:

► Wired network, WLAN or Wi-Fi access point, edge router, small business router

6. Personal Electronic Products:

► Home theater and entertainment: smart speakers, smart displays, set-top boxes

►Wearable devices (non-medical)

►Smart tracker, smart clothing

7. Asset tracking and management

8. Factory automation

9. Wireless Healthcare Applications

10. Energy Harvesting Applications

11. Electronic Shelf Label (ESL)

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