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BLE Smart Water Purifier
BLE Smart Water Purifier
BLE Smart Water Purifier

RF-star weekly case card is coming as usual.

BLE smart water purifier

Water quality is quite important in our daily life. And people would like to use the purifier to drink healthier water from the water pipe.

How can we achieve easily monitor and analysis of the water quality? And the purifier is always installed under the water basin. How can we get the data easily?

Here comes Bluetooth technology. It can interact with your smartphone. All the data you want can be shown in the APP. You also can know when the filter element should be replaced.

Choose RF-star BLE module to ease your development.

The new solution RF-BM-2340B1 (based on TI CC2340, CC2340R5) is with UART serial protocol for data transparent transmission.

You also can choose it as an MCU, it has rich peripherals: SPI, I2C, ADC.

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