Smart Agriculture Sep 02, 2021
  • Smart Agriculture

With the popularization of a series of technologies such as the Internet of things, smart agriculture came into being. Smart agriculture is to apply Internet of things technology to traditional agriculture, use sensors and software to control agricultural production through the mobile platform or computer platform, make traditional agriculture more smart, and realize more complete information-based support, more thorough agricultural information perception, more centralized data resources, wider interconnection and deeper intelligent control. Smart agriculture improves the ability of animal and plant epidemic prevention and control, ensures the quality and safety of agricultural products, and leads the development of modern agriculture.

  • Intelligent and refined management of agriculture

Each type of sensor is responsible for collecting data such as internal light, temperature, humidity and soil water content. The RF-star low-power wireless communication module transmits the sensor value to the network node, and then uploads it to the unified terminal system platform for calculation, analysis, storage and control, so as to realize the intelligent management.

Using the RF-star wireless control system, combined with real-time data analysis and on-site video acquisition, through wireless signal transmission, the relay can freely control various agricultural production equipment to achieve precise management such as precise irrigation and precise fertilization.

  • Solution of intelligent drip irrigation water-saving system

In the solution of intelligent drip irrigation water-saving system, the system consists of wireless intelligent gateway, drip irrigation intelligent controller, wireless collector, solar panel, various sensors (soil moisture sensor, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, light, leaf humidity, tree diameter sensor and soil conductivity sensor), control solenoid valve and video camera, HD hard disk video recorder, cloud server software and mobile app software.  RF-star can give supports on wireless data transmission, which will help you to achieve a better transmission solution with high-performance nodes and gateways.

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