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Review on RF-star Exhibition at IOTE2023 in Shenzhen Sep 25, 2023

On Sep. 22nd  2023, the 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition (IOTE 2023) was rounded off at Shenzhen World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. As one of the exhibitors, RF-star presented a lineup of standout RF modules and advanced wireless IoT solutions, attracting masses of attendees from diverse industries to delve into our innovative solutions.

RF-star Displayed Its Wireless Modules and IoT Applications

Figure 1 RF-star Displayed Its Wireless Modules and IoT Applications

At the exhibition, a series of wireless modules with BLE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Sub-1G, Thread, Matter and UWB protocols including CC2340, CC2530, CC2652, CC2651, CC1310, CC1312R, CC1352, EFR32BG22, EFR32BG24, EFR32MG24, nRF52810, nRF52832, nRF52840 series and the Bluetooth Beacon devices were on show. Besides, it focused on showcasing excellent IoT application solutions, eg. portable medical devices, Bluetooth PEPS, EV chargers, BMS, UWB digital key, and micro-inverters. The cutting-edge products and applications made a big splash in the IoT field.

RF-star Team Shared Wireless Modules and Solutions

Figure 2 RF-star Team Shared Wireless Modules and Solutions

RF-star's team engaged in extensive discussions and interactions with visitors at the exhibition. They showcased the stunning features and advanced technologies of RF-star products, along with use cases in various industries. The participants highly appreciated the rich function and high performance of RF-star's wireless solutions, leading to thought-provoking discussions.

RF-star Marketing Director Leo Exchanged Ideas with Partners

Figure 3 RF-star Marketing Director Leo Exchanged Ideas with Partners

Furthermore, RF-star actively participated in productive discussions and dialogues with fellow exhibitors and industry partners. We shared the latest industry trends, challenges, and opportunities, explored the possibility of cooperation, and sought mutual growth. These interactions serve as a strong basis for forming solid partnerships in the future.

The IOTE2023 exhibition came to an end, while IOT development never stops evolving. We would like to thank all visitors, partners, and staff for their support and attention. With the vision of “Wireless Creates Infinite Possibilities”, RF-star will keep up with IoT trends and technology, and continue to provide innovative wireless products and solutions to empower the Internet of Things industry to seamlessly connect with the world.

About RF-star

Shenzhen RF-star Technology Co., Ltd. (RF-star) is a leading supplier of wireless RF solutions and low-power modules with an excellent industry reputation and credibility. As the official third-party IDH of Texas Instruments for more than a decade and a trusted partner for customers worldwide, RF-star delivers expertise in design, manufacturing, production, and customized development.

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