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RF-star CC2340R5 Bluetooth5.3 Low Energy ZigBee Modules Go Live on TI Site Oct 26, 2023

RF-star, a leading global provider of IoT (Internet of Things) wireless solutions and wireless RF modules, is thrilled to announce that its CC2340R5 Bluetooth Zigbee modules have been officially listed on the Texas Instruments (TI) website and marketed around the globe. RF-star new products’ access to TI shows high recognition of its wireless modules again, further strengthening their longstanding partnership.

RFstar CC2340R5 Modules Go Live on TI Official Website

Designing Low-Power Modules and Wireless Solutions Based on TI’s Chips

RF-star launched the first BLE module in 2010 and has been TI's official IDH for over a decade.

RF-star has created sustainable collaboration by developing CC2652 series (CC2652R, CC2652RB, CC2652P, CC2652R7 and CC2652P7) 2.4GHz RF modules and CC1352 series (CC1352R, CC1352P, CC1352R7 and CC1352P7) multi-band wireless modules. These modules respectively support multiple protocols like Zigbee, Thread, Bluetooth Low Energy, 6LoWPAN, MIOTY, Bluetooth mesh, Wi-SUN, and more.

What’s more, the DMM (Dynamic Multiprotocol Management) enables the modules to work with different RF protocols simultaneously. They are widely used in IoT systems, medical devices, smart homes, sensor networks, industrial automation, smart grids, and remote controls.

RF-star low-power Bluetooth modules and solutions based on the former generations of TI CC254x (CC2540 and CC2541), and CC264x (CC2640 and CC2642) chips can work in Bluetooth Low Energy serial port transparent transmission (bridge) protocols. The 2.4GHz BLE modules with UART port design can be regarded as a slave, a master, or a master-slave simultaneously, or a Beacon. The Bluetooth solutions greatly shorten the development circle and have won the favor of new energy vehicles, consumer electronics, health and medical equipment, sports and fitness, retail, and industrial applications.

5 RF-star CC2340R5 Bluetooth ZigBee Modules Are Available Now

The CC2340R5 series listed on TI’s official website this time has 5 models. All of them are embedded with the UART transparent transmission protocol.

The RF-BM-2340B1 (PCB antenna) and RF-BM-2340B1I (IPEX version) wireless modules have been announced as Pin-2-Pin compatible. They offer 24 GPIOs for rapid development and can be utilized as MCU modules with I2C, SPI, and UART peripheral applications. Their versatile applications range from medical and automobile to new energy and industrial sectors.

Similarly, the RF-BM-2340A2 (PCB antenna) and RF-BM-2340A2I (IPEX version) modules are also Pin-2-Pin compatible. Featuring 12 GPIOs and a wide array of BLE5.2 serial port AT commands, these modules offer abundant possibilities. The small size and cost-competitive design make them suitable for various portable medical and consumer electronic applications.

As for the RF-BM-2340C2 Bluetooth LE module with a chip antenna, it boasts a compact size of 8 mm × 8 mm. This ultra-compact module is specifically designed for applications that demand smaller dimensions and require shorter transmission ranges.

Overall, these modules enhance wireless connectivity options, allowing much flexibility and ease of integration to tailor customers’ solutions for specific industries and applications.

Ben Qiu, GM of RF-star, commented, “We are thrilled to gain authorization from Texas Instruments. It indicates TI’s strong support for the CC2340 series in the global IoT market. Looking forward, RF-star is confident in delivering the best-in-class wireless IoT solution for diversified markets and will work closely with TI to accelerate the wireless connectivity innovation.”

About RF-star

Shenzhen RF-star Technology Co., Ltd (RF-star) is a leading global provider of wireless communication modules and solutions, specializing in low-power modules for IoT, industrial, automotive, and consumer applications. With over a decade of engagement in Bluetooth and IoT communication technology and extensive expertise, we are capable of bringing reliable, convenient, secure and intelligent connectivity service to every industry, enriching smart life with a perfect wireless experience.

RF-star's product portfolio ranges from BLE modules, ZigBee modules, WiFi modules, Sub-1Ghz modules, Matter modules, Thread Modules, UWB modules Wi-SUN modules and customized service. As the official third-party IDH of TI and a trusted partner for customers worldwide, RF-star is committed to delivering cutting-edge wireless solutions.

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