nRF52840 multi protocol SOC to protect online encryption assets Aug 21, 2019
With the continuous development of the Internet era, a large number of funds flow into the online trading, online servers will be destroyed by a large number of hacker attacks every day, and the security of online funds is very vulnerable to threats. To solve this problem, many solutions for currency encryption are emerging, such as the hardware wallet application using nRF52840 chip, which provides a solid security guarantee for currency transactions.

Secux V20 is a hardware wallet of encryption assets using nrf52840 chip, which is used to protect the private key and pin code that users need to perform the encrypted currency transaction safely.

Encrypted currency investors will use private key to confirm the transaction through online transaction; general users are used to store the private key and pin in the wallet of the software, this form of wallet is very convenient, but it is very vulnerable to malicious attacks. If secux V20 is used, the user's key will be stored and isolated in the security component chip with 5 + level authentication of CC eal. When a user wants to make a transaction, secux V20 can use the BLE connection provided by nRF52840 SOC or pair with a Bluetooth equipped mobile phone, tablet or PC through a USB connection cable. Nordic nRF52840 multiprotocol system on chip is an ultra-low power consumption and highly flexible single chip solution. nRF52840 SOC is the only multiprotocol SOC in the market that supports the coexistence of Bluetooth 5.0 and thread, and has the function of ble and thread dynamic multiprotocol.

The nRF52840 SoC USES a 32-bit 64MHz Arm® architecture ™ -m4f CPU, and is integrated with 1MB of flash memory and 256kB of RAM, providing sufficient space for storage operations.

The nRF52840 SoC USES excellent power and resource management to maximize application efficiency and extend battery life. All peripherals have independent automated clock and power management functions to ensure that the chip is powered off when the task operation does not require it, thus minimizing power consumption without requiring applications to execute and test complex power management solutions.

nRF52840, with on-chip NFC™ -a tag support, opens up A whole new range of applications, such as NFC payments, that improve the user experience for existing BLE applications through out-of-band (OOB) pairing. By using NFC for OOB pairing, authentication information can be exchanged over an NFC link, simplifying the authentication pairing process between two bluetooth devices.

Based on this, modules using nRF52840 SoC chip have many applications in the Internet of things, such as RF-BM-ND05 and RF-BM-ND06, which are widely used in wearable devices with wireless payment functions, NFC payment, and customized applications. It is believed that modules using nRF52840 SoC chip will perform better in NFC applications.

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