Inclusive All-Win and Shape the Future—RF-star 2021 Year Banquet Dec 24, 2021

Time zipped by and the bell for the year 2022 is about to ring. At this beautiful moment of bidding farewell to the old and ushering in the new, RF-star held the Annual Banquet for 2021 at Chengdu city where all staff gathered together to celebrate the achievements made in 2021 and expect a bright outlook for 2022.

In the past year of 2021, RF-star has made numerous achievements and continues to develop in the IoT industry, which enables itself to be more professional and creative in wireless technology. Before the activities, each department leader made a report on their work for 2021. Then the chairman of the board, Mr.Kang Kai, made an achievement and progress summary of RF-star. He also talked about the company's annual sales achievements, which far exceeded initial expectations and mentioned the outlook for 2022, including several plans such as doubling overall sales in 2021 and expanding and relocating the Chengdu branch. Every success and progress of RF-star will not be possible without the support and help from everyone! After the Chairman’s speech, it comes to the award ceremony. The company awarded more than 20 awards to some outstanding staff, including the most excellent staff in 2021, sales champion award, the most outstanding team award and so on. Many young employees stepped onto the award-winning stage. They show the charming demeanor of RF-star young employees!

After the award ceremony, all the staff moved to the hotel and share the banquet. During the banquet, the company held raffle draw activity and fun games, which brings endless rousing cheers and claps, also pushes the activity to its climax.

The year 2022 is a new start for RF-star! With the enhancement of overall arrangements of the company, 2022 will be a more rapid development period. “Inclusive all-win and shape the future”. We have confident belief and wonderful wishes to keep close cooperation with all our customers to shape a better future!

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