Bluetooth Smart Level Gauge Jun 10, 2022

The liquid level gauge is a special instrument for liquid level monitoring that integrates the functions of liquid level detection, data acquisition and transmission. It is mainly used to monitor the real-time data of the liquid level in the container and the natural environment. The Bluetooth module is implanted to make it wireless. Thus, after the liquid level gauge completes the sensing, the signal transmission and information interaction can be completed wirelessly, making its deployment safer, more convenient and more reliable in use.


Liquid level gauges are usually used in harsh industrial environment which is subject to high temperature, strong corrosion, strong adhesion, dust and soot, making it great danger to manually survey with traditional liquid level gauges. Manually measured and recorded data is also subject to inaccuracy. However, factories keep elevating bars for the quality, immediacy, reliability and storability of sensing data. Traditional liquid level gauges can no longer meet such requirements raised in latest industrial production scenarios. At the same time, complex terrains of some industrial sites make it extremely difficult for equipment wiring. The deployment and construction cost of traditional wiring methods between transmission nodes is high, and the cost for maintaining the system will also be high.


By building a Bluetooth module into the liquid level gauge, the liquid level gauge can transmit data such as its power level, sensing signal strength, liquid level data information, and alarm information to the terminal device in real-time through the wireless network. The terminal equipment stores and analyzes the data, makes inquiries or  raise alarms, thereby realizing convenient deployment, collection, and maintenance while ensuring the safety of personnel.

Keep tracking consumption status in real-time

The wireless liquid level gauge is made by connecting the meter with a built-in Bluetooth module functioning as a data-transparent transmission unit. The receiving end of the wireless liquid level gauge is responsible for the data display and gauge setting. It also distill and output analog and switch signals to the terminal equipment. It detects liquid level in closed or open containers, processes relevant data, and automatically raise alarm and augment data whenever the level reaches a preconfigured threshold or the battery’s voltage is too low. It thus enable us to reduce manual intervention in survey and ensures the accuracy of the measurement as well. Through the terminal equipment, we can better monitor and manage the liquid level of the tank, tracking the consumption level in real-time, and ensuring the safety of personnel.

Low deployment and maintenance costs

The wireless level gauge greatly reduces the cost of trenching and wiring and later line maintenance. It does not need to lay cables, nor damage existing structures of the factory, saving labor and engineering costs. Meanwhile, wireless liquid level gauges feature stable communication, automatic correction, longer service life, simple maintenance, and high cost-effectiveness in various harsh industrial environments.

As a well-known Bluetooth module manufacturer in China, Shenzhen RF-star Technology Co., Ltd., has successfully enabled many liquid level gauge makers home and abroad with wireless and smart techniques with its unique RF technology and embedded software development capabilities.

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