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Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy Chip Manufacturers and the Applications May 27, 2021

What can Bluetooth 5.0 do? What kind of Bluetooth 5.0 applications are available in the market?

RF-star senior advisor XCODER has the following opinions. The applications of Bluetooth 5.0 are the same as that of Bluetooth 4.x. For the time being, Bluetooth 5.0 can replace the applications of Bluetooth v4.x. Even more, it can replace the original classic Bluetooth SPP transparent transmission applications because of its higher rate.

Bluetooth Mesh protocol as a part of the Bluetooth 5.0 has great potential markets in smart home and Bluetooth light control. Many companies are already joined in Bluetooth Mesh smart home market, and finally use smart speakers as the Internet entrance of smart home. The following two paragraphs are from the SIG:

“The strategic decision to adopt Bluetooth as the communications platform for our smart home strategy was an obvious choice for us,” said Lijuan Chen, Head of Alibaba A.I. Labs, the department leading consumer AI product development at Alibaba Group. “Bluetooth mesh is a wireless protocol that enables us to meet our customers’ scale, performance, and reliability requirements in the home. Bluetooth is already a proven, trusted, and widely used wireless standard, and we’re confident Bluetooth mesh will be the standard in home and building automation for years to come.”

“Bluetooth mesh is one of many fundamental enablers of future IoT markets, allowing for robust, secure, and scalable connectivity across the smart home, commercial building automation, industrial environments, and beyond,” said Stuart Carlaw, Chief Research Officer, ABI Research. “Bluetooth mesh, in conjunction with Bluetooth beacons, can propel these environments towards greater automation, increased sensorization, and enable valuable RTLS services. Nearly 360 million annual Bluetooth Smart Building device shipments are forecasted by 2022.”

What are the main Bluetooth 5.0 chips?

Mainstream Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy Chip Original Manufacturers and applicants

Some mid-end & low-end Bluetooth chip manufacturers and emerging companies in China Mainland and Taiwan are also actively joining in Bluetooth 5 market. Such as Airoha, Telink, Freqchip, Maxscend, Barrot and Bekin.

The biggest drawback of ZigBee is that it cannot communicate with mobile phones. Bluetooth Mesh is an emerging technology that enables real-time interaction between devices and mobile phones, and enterprises are definitely willing to invest in it. The appearance of the SIG leaders and Alibaba in various public occasions is a clear signal to us that new technology means new opportunities.

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