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WiFi&BLE Themophgrometer
WiFi&BLE Themophgrometer
WiFi&BLE Themophgrometer
RF-star weekly case card comes as planned.

Thermophgrometer WiFi & BLE

People are caring about the environment more and more in their daily life. The smart devices which show the temperature and humidity data install everywhere we need to stay comfort level.

We make it smart by inserting BLE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, or Thread.

RF-star has a wide series of RF modules that can meet the requirements:

Combo Wi-Fi and BLE module: RF-WM-20CMB1 (based on Realtek RTL8720).

Multi-protocol (BLE, ZigBee, Thread and Matter) module: RF-BM-2652P4 (Based on TI CC2652P7); RF-BM-ND06 (based on Nordic nRF52840); RF-BM-MG24 (based on SiliconLabs EFR32MG24)

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