RF-star Released Matter Oriented Multi-Protocol RF-BM-MG24B1/2 over Silicon Labs MG24 Apr 07, 2023

Shenzhen RF-star Technology, a renowned wireless IoT solution provider, has recently released two 2.4 GHz multi-protocol wireless modules RF-BM-MG24B1 and RF-BM-MG24B2 independently developed on Silicon Labs EFR32MG24 SoC. Featuring Matter, Thread, ZigBee, BLE 5.3, Bluetooth Mesh, and 2.4GHz Proprietary etc., the both modules can effectively address the demand for realizing tolerant and seamless connectivity, low power consumption, high security and privacy. The rich hardware and software resources of the modules facilitate users applying them in various scenarios such as  smart home, medicare and health, location based services, industrial automation, smart building etc.

RF-BM-MG24B1/B2 have a high-performance 78 MHz ARM Cortex®-M33 processing core, plus 1536 KB Flash and 256 KB RAM, which can address requirements of demanding applications and  future scalability. IoT makers can use them to create smart, robust and energy-effeicient products. Their security mechanism so called Secure Vault™ further assured us the built IoT solutions’ protection against cyber-attacks launched either remote or local. Featuring elective maximum transmission power of 10 dBm / 19.5 dBm, the both modules are built with an onboard PCB antenna and an interference-proof shield, making them poised to meet demanding conditions of industrial applications. They both are designed to lead all the 30 GPIO pins out and to simultaneously reserve other peripherals such as USART, SPI, I2C, ADC, and I2S offering great flexibility for IoT builders to tailor make various solutions.


1.Great Radio Performance

RF-BM-MG24B1/B2-higher processing capacity matter enabled

2.Low System Energy Consumption

Low power consumption in sleep mode and active mode expands the battery life.

RX current: 4.4 mA @1 Mbps GFSK, 5.1 mA @250 kbps O-QPSK DSSS

TX current: 5 mA@ 0 dBm , 19.1 mA@10 dBm, 156.8 mA@19.5 dBm

DeepSleep current: 1.3 μA EM2 (16 KB RAM retention and RTC running from LFRCO)

3.Multiprotocol over 2.4GHz

Those modules support multiple protocols up from physical layers to  IP application layers, i.e. Matter, Thread, ZigBee, BLE 5.3, Bluetooth Mesh, and proprietaries, etc.

RF-BM-MG24B1/B2 conforms to the Matter 1.0 standard and can be used to deploy applications on Matter over Thread, which is an ideal choice for smart home, medical, and industrial applications.

RF-BM-MG24B1/B2 support multiprotocol

4.High Security

The PSA Level 3 qualified Secure Vault feature provide robust security assurance for various IoT application scenarios i.e. premise access control, medical equipment, smart building solutions, industrial automation etc.. Especially in smart homes, since a variety of devices and users scenarios are involved in, such protection is extremely important.

RF-BM-MG24B1/B2 high security


1.Smart Home

RF-BM-MG24B1/B2 can be applied in Matter gateways for smart home solutions. By realizing interoperability among Thread, Zigbee, and BLE, they will greatly simplify the development of smart home vendors,drive down ownership cost of users, and lower the cost of deployment and after installation mentainence.

2.Building Automation

As a constituent of intelligent building IoT solutions, RF-BM-MG24B1/B2 can be connected to sensors or actuators to form terminal devices that collaborate to conduct environmental data acquisition, spatial facility automation, device management and other vital functions.


Lighting is very important for modern life and production. BM-MG24B1/B2 modules effectively enable intelligent energy management of the lighting system with Bluetooth mesh technology, realizing real-time and smart control of the lighting system. For intelligent lighting, the modules are to be embedded in bulbs or in controllers. Data is transmitted to the gateway in a mesh topology network. Users can access the cloud database through the mobile phone APP, and easily control lighting. Users can also directly access a specific light bulb or a group of light bulbs with smart terminals, achieving direct access and control over the bulbs.  Intelligent schemes based on environment and use scenarios can  effectively reduce energy consumption and improve the service life of luminaires.

About RF-star Technology

Shenzhen RF-star Technology Co., Ltd. (RF-star) a renowned wireless IoT solution maker endorsed by Texas Instruments, Silicon Labs, Realtek etc.. RF-star provides IoT wireless modules and a full set of solutions, including BLE, Wi-Fi, Matter, Wi-SUN, Sub-1G, ZigBee, Thread, etc. For more information, kindly visit the company website https://www.rfstariot.com/ or contact us at info@szrfstar.com.

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