Active Bluetooth IC card enables gas recharging at home Sep 15, 2021
At present, the convenience services in the daily life of residents are increasing day by day, and the daily life is inseparable from the figure of water and electricity. If the online recharge and payment of water and electricity are realized, it can greatly facilitate the residents.

Before the natural gas IC card recharge, it needs to recharge through special IC card reading equipment, that is to say, purchase gas through special equipment "load", insert the card to read the data in the IC card, and then transmit the payment data to the gas meter. The recharge method of "buy first, use later, and load offline" can make users pay in time and quickly to use gas, but "go out for a trip" still makes users feel inconvenient.

Now, the online recharge and payment of natural gas has been realized. Bluetooth gas card can be used for online recharging, which greatly facilitates users' daily life. Natural gas no longer runs in supermarkets! Gas users use the gas Bluetooth card and the Bluetooth function of mobile phone to recharge online and complete the payment operation at home.

At the same time, Bluetooth card also has two kinds of functions, which can not only realize one key storage at home, but also carry Bluetooth card to traditional offline storage point for storage.

The gas Bluetooth IC card is divided into passive Bluetooth IC card and active Bluetooth IC card. The passive Bluetooth IC card adopted by many natural gas companies is to install the micro Bluetooth chip on the basis of the existing gas IC card, and adopt the external power supply mode. After users pay online, they insert the Bluetooth card into the gas meter. At this time, the battery group in the gas meter supplies power to the Bluetooth chip. Through the Bluetooth function of the gas card and mobile phone, the payment data is transferred to the gas meter, so as to complete The whole recharge operation.

Although this kind of passive Bluetooth IC card does not change the shape and size of the card, so that the user's usage habits remain unchanged, but in order to support the charging function of the passive Bluetooth IC card, it is necessary to upgrade and replace the gas meter accordingly, and its technology development cost and gas meter replacement cost will be very high.

In contrast, the advantages of active Bluetooth IC card are more obvious, small and light. The Bluetooth card adopts internal power supply mode, and the button battery in the card supplies power to the Bluetooth chip. The Bluetooth technology with low power consumption and button battery can support the use of Bluetooth IC card for up to one year. Without upgrading and replacing the gas meter, it can have the function of mobile storage. The emergence of active Bluetooth card provides users with a new way to load, which brings a lot of convenience.

The active Bluetooth IC card charges gas at home, and the operation is simple. The two steps of payment and storage are combined. When the user needs to charge gas, turn on the Bluetooth of mobile phone, then tap the button of the active Bluetooth card, pay through the app online, and finally confirm the storage information on the app. The active Bluetooth card is inserted into the gas meter to complete the storage. With this kind of active Bluetooth IC card, it is very convenient for residents to live, and there is no need to worry about bathing in the middle of the night.

In the natural gas recharge and payment channels, the proportion of third-party payment is higher and higher. With the introduction of Shenzhen xinchida Bluetooth card, it will be more convenient for the majority of natural gas users to recharge and pay. Active Bluetooth IC card with its cost advantage is believed to have a considerable development in natural gas applications.

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