RF-star 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival Activity Sep 18, 2021

When the moon hangs in the night sky, we know that the Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner.

With the strong sweet-scent of the osmanthus was waved to us by the breeze in the streets and lanes in Chengdu city, the Mid-Autumn Festival is around the corner. On the occasion of the festive season, RF-star would like to give you the best wishes here and wish you a happy festival. And on this special day, all staff of RF-star gathered here to participate in the lantern riddles and mooncake cooking activities as the celebration for the upcoming traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. Let’s enjoy this happiness and rejoice together.

Years come and go, but the moon in the Mid-Autumn night remains in our hearts forever. Guessing lantern riddles is a traditional folkloric entertainment activity for the Chinese. There is infinite wisdom and fun in the little riddles. From the animal names to the names of the objects, from the person names and place names to the rivers or mountains, everything can be included in the riddles and be a question or answer, which makes the riddle bring infinite extreme fun. Look, the activity has not begun yet, everyone is eager to have a try and some people roll up their sleeves to get ready to be the first person who gives the answer. With the host announced the kickoff of the activity, one after another answer being called out with the intermingled cheers and laughter, which pushes the activity to its climax.

As the guessing riddles activity comes to an end, the host unveiled to move on to another activity named ”making mooncakes”. All staff brims with full of happiness and rejoice. Sweet-style mooncakes are one of the popular styles of mooncake for Chengdu people. Take one portion from each 3 colours of dough and combine them into a round. Flatten out the dough and center the filling. Seal and shape into a ball. Lightly coat the surface with prepared cooked glutinous rice flour. Press each into mooncake mould and then push lightly out on a serving plate. Each member of RF-star is busy chit-chatting and making mooncakes, which brings pleasure and warm atmosphere. After a while, several plates of crispy and delicious mooncakes come to the table.

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