2016 CES observation: smart home promotes new economic growth point RFstar to participate in the exhibition Jul 08, 2017
The annual CES (Consumer Electronics Show) opened in Las Vegas on January 6, us time. As a world-renowned science and technology event, the concepts discussed in CES will become a hot topic in the next two to three years. However, in this CES, which seems to have no core theme, there are many things that are observed by interested people: the Internet of things, smart home, virtual reality, etc. More importantly, the combination of Internet of things and cloud computing.

"Lazy economy" is being talked about by more and more people, or will become the new economic growth point of smart home in the next few years.

An interesting phenomenon is that the concept of the lazy economy is very popular both at home and abroad. Although o2o has been used for many times since the beginning of the year, and now it has been slightly eased, the concept never seems to cool down. As Shahid Ahmed, a senior executive of PWC, said, "in the field of Internet of things, we have reached a turning point: the integration of consumer experience, digital technology and sensor technology."

Fortunately, with the continuous development of related technologies, the smart home industry based on the home Internet of things can capture the "lazy economy" as a new growth field - the convenient life at your fingertips, which is the choice of the middle class who cares about saving time and is willing to try. What's more, "lazy people" are not idle, but to further liberate more time and energy to invest in more worthy areas. This coincides with the original intention of smart home interest: to make people's lives truly free and convenient through technology.

What the "lazy man" requires is to work out the most reasonable scheme by intelligent calculation according to the actual situation in the simplest operation as possible, and to realize the requirements of accuracy and complexity as efficiently as possible. This requires not only technical support, but also the thinking close to the user's actual experience, otherwise it will become a chicken ribs. In fact, in the smart home industry, sharp manufacturers at home and abroad have caught the pass of this node, and timely launched a variety of products that are convenient for the user's life: sweeper robot, automatic fast food machine, intelligent lighting adjustment, intelligent door lock, etc. In terms of smart door lock, this CES is like the W2 walnut smart lock of CEI, which realizes the remote door opening and closing service of "cloud key", and provides a good experience for "lazy people" to break the space limit. It is worth noting that local excellent original manufacturers also have outstanding performance in the field of smart home, and they have also upgraded and fermented in the domestic market in recent years.

There is no doubt that smart home based on "lazy economy" has great development potential. According to the latest report released by research and markets, it is predicted that the global smart home market will grow at an annual rate of 8% to 10% in the next five years, and reach a scale of US $68 billion by 2018. According to the calculation of institutions, the potential market scale of smart home in China is about 5.8 trillion yuan, with huge market potential. This means that in the future, the tentacles of technology will further extend to all aspects of family life, and in order to release the hands of "lazy people", smart home has great potential in this field.

RFstar mainly participated in the exhibition with WiFi, ble + intelligent home control system and solutions, which made more and more famous enterprises in the industry realize xinchida and become a real "Chinese partner". RF star focuses on low-power wireless RF industry, mainly provides low-power Bluetooth, low-power WiFi, ZigBee module and other solutions, and is a leading solution provider of Internet of things RF technology.

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